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Theological Studies: Ministry Leadership

Center for Church Leadership

Earn Your Bachelor's Degree in Ministry Leadership

The four-year BA degree is designed for Christian students who want to work in the church in the areas of children, youth, or young adult ministries. Students in this major will take classes in theology, ministry, and nonprofit leadership. In addition, students will take nine units of fieldwork classes where they will work in a local church, and receive intentional supervision by pastors in their field of interest.  

The four-year BA degree also allows students to take on a minor of their choosing. For example, students interested in participating in the Around-the-World semester should consider the four-year degree, since it will allow them the flexibility to engage in this Concordia Univeristy Irvine unique program, and graduate within a four-year time period. Students may also consider doing a minor in areas like communication, business, psychology, worship arts leadership, or missions in order to enhance their development as a future ministry leader.

What Students Are Saying

A multi-faceted major is essential for ministry and all of its complexities.
Victoria Wood

Victoria ‘23

Why study ministry at CUI?

There are three main reasons why you should seriously consider studying for ministry at CUI.

Gospel-Centric Scholars

All of our theologians display a passion for the gospel. Whether their field is in exegesis, systematics, history, or practical theology each one of them is a seasoned minister who desires to see the world transformed by the gospel.

Communal Atmosphere

When you come to study in the Center for Church Leadership (CCL), you come to be a part of a community of fellow students who also desire to be shaped and formed as workers for God’s kingdom. Our ongoing mantra is Proverbs 27:17 – “iron sharpens iron”. As part of the CCL community, you will be challenged, and you will challenge one another in a safe and caring environment designed for academic reflection and friendly engagement. Outside of the classroom, you will have the opportunity to participate in CCL social and spiritual events, which include dinners at the director’s home, cohort lunches on campus, retreats, and mission opportunities.

Large Diversity of Fieldwork Opportunities

Southern California is home to a wide variety of churches. We have nationally known megachurches right in our backyard, alongside churches of varying sizes and ethnicities. There is indeed a right size that will fit all when it comes to the specific type of church, and ministry area that you would like to engage with for your fieldwork experiences.

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